Sand blasting

Blasting of materials with abrasive particles to remove surface dirt, corrosion or old paint layers. Blasting can be used as one of the preparation steps before wet painting, which we also provide.

  • Efficient surface preparation
  • Corrosion removal

Wet painting

Wet painting of metal or other surfaces. We have experience with large-scale painting of industrial structures and car parts. Our paint shop is also equipped with an overhead crane with the lifting capacity of up to 10 tons.

  • Paint box dimensions: 15 x 5,5 x 5,5 m
  • Component weight up to 10,000 kg
  • Large-scale and car parts painting

Metal spraying -
Schoop-plating with zinc

Metal spraying, or Schoop-plating, is one of the hot-dip galvanizing methods. We have a metal spraying box with the dimensions of 10 x 15 m. With the metal spraying process, we create a protective layer of zinc on the surface of steel or other metals.

  • Extends the service life of the material
  • Higher mechanical resistance compared to hot dip galvanizing
  • Metal spraying box dimensions: 15 x 5,5 x 5,5 m

Plasma cutting of sheet metal

We use laser plasma to cut sheets up to the following dimensions:

  • 6000 x 3000 mm
  • Material thickness 3-25 mm
  • Accuracy +/-0.02 mm


We offer handling and transport of objects. We use one of the largest mobile cranes in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the long arm reach and infinite turning angle, we can handle large objects even in hard-to-reach places.

  • Arm reach up to 34 meters
  • Lifting capacity up to 20 tons
  • Infinite turning angle