Ferris wheels

Solid construction is the main characteristic of our production. The wheels are designed to adapt to specific locations and their weather standarts. Fully covered and air-conditioned cabins guarantee all-weather operation. Even visitors with wheelchairs are provided with acces.
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RIDE parking

The rotary parking system can increase the parking capacity by up to 5 times. We offer a solution to the shortage of parking spaces in urban areas, at airports or shopping centers. The RIDE Parking design can be adapted to its surroundings and at the same time actively contributes to its improvement.
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From the initial idea of the client, to a design that corresponds with the structure, to linking the creativity with feasibility, we can take care of everything. The realization of each attraction combines a great deal of imagination with technology and knowledge from the fields of design, electrical engineering, hydraulics, air handling systems, and more. The result is a tailor-made attraction.
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Modular barriers

The modular, demountable barriers perform the safety function of protecting against vehicle entry to protected area. The product has been tested by the German army and can be used for Christmas markets, fairs and festivals. The barriers are highly durable and effectively absorb the impact of the vehicle.
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For your safety, we work together with